What is Akanbar?


The medieval fantasy MUD that sucks in everyone who plays it ever and utterly destroys their real lives because they cant make themselves log off the damned thing to go to work, school, or the doctors office to get that nasty tumor removed. Found at Akanbar

Yeah this guy named Veran met this chick on Akanbar who turned out to be a guy and logged them cybering and got his winkie pics for a forum about pawning newbies.

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The world created by Lord Zycandos, upon which three realms struggle for dominance. Each realm is based in one of the great cities, the realm of the Sun in Elysium, the Shadow realm in Ysallyra, and the Demonic in Golgonath. (akanbar)

There is always some war going on in Akanbar.

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