What is Akeju?


Generally refers to a spoilt child. Name originates from the Yoruba speaking area of Nigeria. In most cases it started as a nickname and has somehow morphed into a last (surname) name. People bearing the last name can be found in Ondo, Osun, Ogun and Lagos States (Nigeria) with the most prominent family from Ile-Ife which is considered the craddle of the Yoruba race. A mention of the name to any inhabitant will be followed by a full description of the "family compound" in the town. It is also believed they are one of the main power brokers in the town and well respected. The family head is Primate J.A. Akeju whose offsprings have excelled in their different professions all over the world (i.e. Samuel Olutola Akeju, US Attorney and one of the grandchildren of the family head).

Akeju, Akebanje, Aketan, Akeran, Akesindin.

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