What is Akercocke?


Best band ever. Avantgarde black/death metal from the UK.



a highly original mainly death/black metal band from the UK whose music uses blends of progressive metal and core. They are renouned for having an insanely fast drummer and beautiful singing parts as well as the brutal death growls and satanic screeches. they also use plenty of keyboard elements and clean guitar in their songs which really sets them apart from all the shit black metal bands around.

this band plays well-thought out music not just bottom string thrashing shit. id rather listen to these guys than cradle of filth any day.

verdelet - opening brutal section, cuts to long middle bit of clean singing and clever guitar riffs, near the end is a pair of screeching verses punctuated by clean sections

leviathan - long 8min song of akercockes best riffing and vocal talents. there is a brutal section in the middle proceeded by a mad solo

infernal rites - innovative guitar riffs with discords and varying sections. a good example of bog-standard akercocke

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Blackened Death Metal band who famously got banned from touring in Northern Ireland and owned Steve Nolan on his own show.

Dumbass Christian: Your lyrics are disgusting you are polluting our childrens minds!!!!111

Akercocke: well they seem to be enjoying it so fuck you

Steve: wowowowowo watch it or youll be off my show just like that!

akercocke: i seem to remember you requested us to come on...

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