What is Akg?



Derived from "Ass Kickin' Good," an adjectival phrase originated at Yat's Restaurant in Indianapolis, IN.

"This party is off the hook! It's AKG, man!"

See awesome, super, amazing, great


A Austria manufacturer that makes ones of the most excellent audio equipment in the world, including headphones like K501 and K1000 and microphones.

A well-known example is that the live recording of the Bei-jing Turrandot concert was under the usage of AKG peofessioal mixers and microphones.

AKG K271S will be my next favorite headphone.


An abbreviation for "ass kickin good." Usage is equivalent to the adjective "awesome."

This home-brew beer is AKG!

See awesome, balls, bad-ass


One hairy mothafucka.

A teenager who grows a wispy beard.

Yo, did you see that AKG man, he is one hairy mothafucka!


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