What is Akimow?


also spelled akimo.

An urban term for someone with "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome" or "FAS". Thought to originate with the Akimo (now known as Akimow) clan.

Marty says: "Hey Rob your eyes are looking abnormally spread out"

Rob replies: "Yeah, I was born akimo, baby. I can't help who I am"

Marty says: "I thought you had ADD?"


This is a disease caused by maternal alcoholism that is included under the class of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). It includes birth defects, and alcohol related neurodevelopmental disorders. Common physical symptoms are abnormally small head/ body, abnormal facial characteristics (e.g., abnormally spread out eyes, small facial features), slight brain-damage. In severe cases, symptoms may include behavioral deficits (e.g., attention related problems), sight/ hearing disorders, tics, and obsessive compulsive disorders. Currently the DSM-IV-TR estimates that the prevalence of Akimow Disorder is less than 5% of the general population.

A: What's wrong with that woman?

B: Looks like she has a touch of Akimow.

See Rob


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