What is Akira?


An anime and manga created by Otomo Katsuhiro. The manga ran from 1982 to around 1993, and the movie was released in 1988. Often considered to be the definitive anime film, Akira is a science fiction/cyberpunk that features excellent animation and a unique musical score. The movie isn't as complex as the manga, but it still features many important philosophical lessons (especially concerning the abuse of power). The movie is also very violent and action packed, but it is also extremely entertaining. Akira is a cult film as well, and it has been popular with many underground anime fans since 1990 when it was dubbed in English.

Overall, Akira was an important movie that redefined anime and introduced a new approach to Japanese animation. It opened the door for anime to the West as well as inspiring movies such as the Matrix.

Akira is a sophisticated, futuristic anime that deserves the hype and legend that surround it. Reminiscent of 2001: a Space Odyssey and Blade Runner.

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Japanese male name, the meanings of which are: "rising sun" or "bright"

My cat's name is Akira.


Name of both one of the greatest anime features (akira) and one of the best anime creators (akira toriyama).

Akira the anime is just a pimpin hardcore anime that cannot be topped.

Akira Toriyama is the mofatic creator of the Dragon Ball series, more notably; Dragon Ball Z.

Party tonight... watchin Akira then some tight ass stuff from the other AKIRA! Goku Tetsuo Vegeta Kaneda PARTY WOOT!!


Classic manga series, and quite possibly the greatest anime film of all-time.

Person #1: Did you see Akira? Mind-blowing!

Person #2: Did you read Akira? Mind-blowing!

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A Japanese Animation (Japanimation/Anime) film released in 1988 (?) and eventually kickstarting the Anime Revolution in America.

Akira got the ball rolling for Cowboy Bebop, Gundam, DBZ, and every other anime show that's on today.

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noun. a crazy kid, hard to figure, but is made to be difficult, complicated but very loving and can make friends easily. Love's music, and anyone that is musically inclined. An Akira never lies, and is a person people usually seek for. Syn: Amazing

Akira is everything, i've always wanted.

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noun. a shy but very kind hearted, bright, great, amazing person. He is everything that a girl adores and is super charming.

Syn. awesome guy

You're such an akira

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