What is Akon?


Some guy that mainy sings the chorus to others rap songs and is famous for saying his name and the rappers at the begining of the song.

Akon: Yea Akon and Obie.

Akon: ohh Akon and young gezy.

Akon Whoa Akon and somebody.

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The epitome of suck in modern pop music. From his nasaly synsythesized singing too his questionable rapping skills and choice in woman(not many men can get away with molesting a 14 year old on stage)" it's a wonder that anyone can stand to listen to him without the aid of a valium or a shotgun.


Me:Shutup punk, your not even a real convict.

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someone who is very dark.

Person #1: Yo that dude's created a new race!

Person #2: That nigga ain't even black he's akon.

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Akon's name at birth was really...

Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam

Person 1 - Hey whats up, Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam?

Person 2(Akon)- Wow thats long, how about Akon for short?

Person 1 - Naw that name will never be known.

Person 2(Akon) - I'll make it known...

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A sexist hypocrytical ass whose fanbase consists of wannabe white teenage girls who have IQs of about 75 and the tastes in music of people with less than a third of that IQ; they also are so stupid they are sexist towards their own gender. His Senegalese background is most likely a hoax concocted to gain him naive fans in Africa.

Akon=Worst artist in music today

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An untalented half-singer/rapper/clusterfuck that also happens to be a fake and a liar. He made up stories about being a hardened criminal when in fact he is just a former petty rule-breaker not worthy of one week's probation. In light of these new discoveries revealing Akon's huge story as nothing more than bullshit, one can only hope that he gracefully bows out of the "rap" game by becoming an hero.

-"Hey dawg, I used to run a huge auto theft ring, we stole Ferraris from rich crackers and made them cry."

-"Shut up Akon, you're full of shit."

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A singer or MC who creates an alternative criminal past in order to gain respect from their peers and boost record sales.

Pronounced- 'A-Con'

'Seriously blood! He's never been to jail, he never stole no cars! That rapper is a proper AKON, he's a chief!'



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