What is Akroma?


A powerful angel card in the card game Magic the gathering. Expensive to play she has some good abilities including flying and protection from certain colors. Many people wanted this when it first came out but now with the release of newer sets this card has lost some of it's luster.

Phil: adam what do you mean that card can rip through my red/ black deck

Adam: :snicker: you'll see


an excellent magic card

wow, that guy who said Akroma is a piece of shit is a dumbass.

See Josh


A place mentioned in the Aubrey-Maturin Series by Patrick O'Brian. Also some piece of shit card retards would pay more than 10 cents for because a company has hyped it up and created artificial value for it.

I'm trying to google Akroma, the place, and I can't fucking find it because of some retard game.

See geography, retards


dude i agree that Akroma is a totally overused card, but shut the fuck up this isnt your personal pissing ground!


Yo rory your name is not Josh u lamer! And the card is gay like the rest of your fairy deck!


Akroma Angel of Wrath the gayest magic card in the history of the world. Which Rory, pride of Scotland, got the first time he opened a legions booster.

1:Rory you'r playing that GAY SHITT piece of crap, Akroma again! FUCK YOU!!!

2:Rory just shove Akroma up your ass ok.



a magic card. magic is an annoying game that pisses me off when they have tournaments in my favorite comic book stores and i cant get to the manga...mwahahahaa yes i am a total nerd, so dont bother to tell me.

aaaagggghhhh all the fat pimply magic card players are blocking the way to the Ranma 1/2 shelf!!!! fuk this lets go get high


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