What is Ak74su?


The less-commonly used variation of the AKS-74U. Also called the AK-Spetsnaz. The differences between them are:

The AK-74SU has a vertically-folding shoulder plate, whereas the AKS-74U features a horizontally-folding buttstock.

The AK-74SU comes in a more grey-ish colour, and is primarily made of metal components. The AKS-74U has a wooden hand hold underneath/behind the barrel, and is wholly darker in colour.

The AK-74SU is primarily used by Spetsnaz special forces, whereas the AKS-74U is used more broadly with airbourne units, or in other situations requiring high mobility with little space.

The AK-74SU does not appear to have as high a firing rate as the AKS-74U.

Operation Flashpoint features selectable Spetsnaz units with AK-74SU's. The James Bond movie 'Goldeneye' prominently features the AKS-74U in the Archives scene.

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