Akuna Matata

What is Akuna Matata?


An incorrect spelling of the phrase hakuna matata, and because of that, is most likely an offensive phrase in Swahili.

Random fool in Kenya: Akuna matata!

Passer-by: WHAT WAS THAT?!


It means no worries, for the rest of your daaaaaaays. It's our problem free.. philosophy! AKUNA MATATA!

I lovs teh lIon king!!!1


Has the same meaning as Hakuna Matata. The only difference is one is in Sotho( Lesotho) and the other one is in Swahili.

Mphe tjelete Me ( Please give me money mom)

Akinatjele ( I dont have any money)

Okay, akuna matata.(Okay, akuna matata)

See hakuna matata


Dont worry, be happy

Swahili, Kenyan

It's an exlamation, use it as is

See Chicken George


used for "delicious" by young Africans who live in Paris

an "akuna matata" girl, an akuna matata meal, etc.


strange female who lives in the south, believes she is a gem.

See Kimberley


oterwise known as "just relax and play with my unit"


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