What is Akuroku?


A term for the romantic pairing of AxelxRoxas, two male characters from the hit video game series, Kingdom Hearts.

I read some really good akuroku fanfic last night!!

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A term coined by fangirls to describe the yaoipairing of the Kingdom Hearts II characters, Axel and Roxas. Many accept it as canon(Based on lines such as,"(Roxas) made me feel like I had a heart"), however, many others say that the Axel-Roxas relationship is more of good friends or brothers.

The name is derived from the Japanese names for Axel and Roxas, AKUseru and ROKUsasu, respectively.

"What is your favorite KH ship?

"Definitly AkuRoku. Axel and Roxas are so cute together!"

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The pairing of Axel and Roxas from the game Kingdom Hearts.

It's based off of their original Japanese names: Akuseru and Rokusasu

AkuRoku is God's gift to yaoi fangirls.

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The pairing of Axel and Roxasin the game Kingdom Hearts II. This also may be reffered to as "the best thing since Soriku" or "F-ing HAWT." or "Dear God, did you just see that strange man with red hair set himself on fire???" Most people/cosplayers/fangirls of the pair will know that the "couple name" comes from the combination of AKUseru and ROKUsasu.

The two were once part of Organization XIII, but were mercilessly killed and/or converged with the original Keyblade master, Sora.

Also, this term is directly related to butt-smex. XDDD

Axel: He made me feel...like I had a heart.

Roxas: No one would miss me. *fangirl teardrop*

Axel: You can't go against the Organization!!! >_<

Axel: Gimme, gimme, gimme a man of the midnight! Won't somebody help me chase the shadows awaaaaaaaaaaaay~!

Roxas: Wtf is Akuroku...? *types in on Google* JESUS CHRIST!!!!!

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