What is Al?


Short for alcohol. Also has a connotation of referring to someone.

Everything was fine until Al decided to show up. After that, the whole night was a blur.

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A real bastard.

Oh my god he's a real Al him!

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Arabic - "the"

If u were wonderin, that's why so many Arab names of objects and organizations start with Al-this, Al-that. Like how many things of ours are called "The (whatever)"

Al Qaeda = The Base

Al Sadr = The breast

Al Jazeera = The island

See Dirge


abbrev. for ass licker. generally directed toward co-workers who have tendency to tell the boss what he wants to hear.

you know adam right?


he's being a huge AL right now.

See asslicker, dumbass, shithead, fuck up


Short for alcohol.

As in, "Uncle Al-coholic."

See alcohol, beer, uncle, drinking


A nickname for the tattle-tell at work. When spelled out it means ass licker. He is constantly telling on people for looking at webistes such as urban dictionary. Stating that it's a security risk. We have recently developed a tattle-tell box that we use to tell on each other with.

AL is in the president's office again bitching about bighead being on MSN again.

See ass licker, brown noser, ass kisser, dickhead


An acronym for Actually Laughing

Used to express reality laughing when you're not just writing 'lol' to make the one you chat with happy :]

<BONZI> You know if I could speak german I would just speak it to myself all day so I can laugh my arse off forever



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