Al Caponed

What is Al Caponed?


To get ownedor pwnedwith a sense of Italian flare.

Dumbass 1: Can I have some of your tots?

Dumbass 2: No, but what an dumbass you are for should have just grabbed them, like I did with your sister yesterday.

Dumbass 3: You just got Al Caponed.

See al, capone, caponage, pwned, owned


To get owned in style

He got Al caponed by my grenade...


the cockney term for getting stoned and getting absolutely blazed out of your mind.

guy that missed out: "hey man, how was last night?"

guy that had all the fun: "ah you missed out man!!!!!!!! me and the lads got totally al caponed!!!!! there was drunk white women for everybody!!"

guy that missed out: "ahhhhhhhhhhhh shizzle my nizzle."

See stoned, blazed, green, high, ganja, marihuana, weed


am. slang; lit the eff up by the mob.

Steve was Al Caponed when he found out that, no, you really SHOULDN'T bring a knife to a gunfight.


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