What is Ala?


(Ala)"à la" is a French word, means in the style of, in the manner of...

Alike or having similarity by means of style, manner, act, etc...

Doing the same way or mimicking others so as he/she would not be misact a thing.

He wears ala James Bond costume.

This burger tastes hotdog, I'm in drugs.

I watch horror movie; a lady creeping in a manhole that seems to be similar to the movie titled "The Ring".

Do ala reverse engineering, then you'll passed the License Examination.

See similar, same, style, clone, mimic


A young hoodlem who hangs with the hoodrats. While skrawny and weak, it may become angry it times, raising voices and giving hearty pushes and shoves.

Hey! Help! Help! Its ala

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came to be a saying when my buddies sister is attempted to yell at you it sounds like this

Steph="YOu punks better stop that"

james="...your gay"

steph"no you gaY"

james="...who gay?you gay



it is now a term used to say hello

walking down the hall john sees james.

john" ALAAAAA"

james *looks back* ALAAA

See hello, whatup, hey you, look at me


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