Alabama Black Snake

What is Alabama Black Snake?


A giant black dick that is the size of a small child. A very talented, intellegent, powerful cock.

After the Alabama Black Snake woke me up, he poured me a cup of coffee.


a black mans wang that has a mind of its own, and can open doors and be used as an alarm clock to wake people up.

Nigels Alabama Black Snake came into my room this morning and told me that it was time to get my ass up.

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giant african americans dick,black guys wang

thats a big alabama black snake kidd!

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refers to a penis, roughly 9.5 inches in length.

all hail the alabama black snake


what i have in my pants. it is also very talented, as it can sing all of the billboard top 50 as well as drive much better than me. its office is larger than mine and its secretary is hotter than mine.

quite frankly, i'm jealous of my alabama black snake.


A huge nigger dick, that is quite assuredly fetid with AIDS and all kinds of sexual repugnance.

You didn't just let that goddamned moon cricket show you his Alabama Black Snake did you? I'll keel you , you sum' bitch.

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