Alabama Crab Dangle

What is Alabama Crab Dangle?


1. A vigorous and bestial hillbilly form of intercourse where in the man enters his partner (male or female) from the rear. The position gets it’s name from the unique habit of propping one leg up presumably for purposes of leverage, on a nearby raised surface such as a pig trough or fence rail so that the testicals appear to dangle. See also, Shaka Zulu Style


“I come in the barn and there was Earl a’fuckin Jethro amongst the hay bails, and he just grins at me and asks if I want a lil Alabama crab dangle”.

“Charles had been an indifferent lover with Emma and it was left to Rudolpho to teach her the intricacies of the Alabama cab dangle beneath a canopy of beach leaves along the riding path by her home.”

Flaubert, “Madame Bovary”



A sexual position in which the male is standing with feet wide apart while holding the female by the legs, one in front, one in back, as she is hanging upside down she does a lot of gyration in order to obtain sexual pleasure.

That freaky gymnast that i banged is crazy, we even did the Alabama Crab Dangle.

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A sexual position that involves at least one contortionist, a body harness, rubber sheets, a small farm animal, a blow torch, and a double-headed dildo.

Rebel loved engaging in the Alabama crab dangle with his life partner Forkman.


When a man is on all fours, and a woman is on top of him with her knees tucked up under his arm pits, her stomach on his back, and shye is giving him a rimjob, while jerking him off

alabama crab dangle, with a twist, not

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Involves crabs and dangling, ie one from the southern states infested with lice, engaging in acrobatic intercourse, with man woman or beast.

Cleetus crab dangled the prize hog, when his momma found out she burned his pubes off wid a blow torch till he wus clean


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