Alabama Firedragon

What is Alabama Firedragon?


A commonly mistaken title for an Alaskan firedragon. Referring to the sexual act of fillatio where upon male ejacuation a shocking comment is made on the males part, forcing the female to gag and likely have semen come out of her nose.

Dude I gave my ex an alabama firedragon.

You mean an Alaskan firedragon...and that's why she's your ex, isn't it?

...yeah :(

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When a man is receiving oral sex and just as he is ejaculating tells the woman something shocking like "I have herpes." The woman chokes, forcing the semen through her nostrils. (Kind of like laughing while drinking milk). This can also be known as an Alaskan firedragon

I gave my girlfriend an Alabama firedragon last night, but she dumped me.

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