What is Aladdin?


the best disney movie ever told

a love story that starts with just one look and three days later they fall in love and are willing to risk their lives just to be together...

valuable lessons are also told in this romance movie... you should always be yourself and you shouldn't lie

it's deep and it evokes emotions...

And Aladdin is Sexy

Aladdin is wicked awesome

and is not a street rat...

See sex god


When a penis bearing member of society is recieving oral sex from a bald person, and right before the person ejaculates they rub the bald person's head and makes a wish.

Last night Bob gave me an Aladdin and my wish "came" true.


fucking awesome.

better than spectacular.

the bees fucking knees.

"Brendon Urie is so goddamn aladdin."

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The Arabian story about a terrorist who falls in love with a hot Arab Priness called Jasmine, finds a magic lamp with a genie inside it and has to save the kingdom from So Dam In Sane.

Aladdin works for George Bush.


a crap movie by disney, ripe with subliminal messaging: (just before the musical number 'a whole new world' kicks in, turn up the sound, Aladdin's about to get attacked by Jasmine's tiger and it clearly says 'Good Kitty, Down Kitty, Take Off Your Clothes'

i swear it...

That curry was as bad as Aladdin...


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