What is Alaina?


possibly the sexiest person to ever walk the face of the earth

Guy 1: Wow, did you see Alaina at that party last night?

Guy 2: I know, she looked so sexy!

Guy 1: I wish I had a chance with her...

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The best friend ANY girl could have. She is prettier than anyone you will ever know. She loves sleepaway camp ;; and has amazing fashion sense. She's hilarious...and you will most def love her.

Alaina, you are my best friend.

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5'4", Red Hair, Fine Azz.

and dats all you needta know homeboi.

1.) I wish my azz wus as fine as Alainazzzzzz. Heyyyyyy!

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a blonde crackhead. this mexican crack whore is like fucked up beyond belief bro. not exactly on the bright side.

guy a- alaina you crackhead!

alaina- no im not!

guy a- yuh huh. you deny it because its true.

alaina- nuh uh! wait huh? hoomphhhh...

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Usually a lieing dirty skanky whorebag. Always goes for the female gender. Also says she likes the cock but will chop it off with her dildo if you put it anywhere near her.

Guy 1: Holy shit dude, did you see that Alaina chick last night?

Guy 2: Yeh bro, she was totally shagging that guy!

Guy 3/Lesbian Dyke: nah bro that was me

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Alaina Marie, Eminem, Marshall, Kim, Dawn, Hailie

Alaina Mathers is born as Alaina Marie Scott on May 3, 1993. She have a twinbrother Adam, poor Adam is handicapped, a younger sister Amy and a brother P.J. Marshall aka Eminem got full custody of her and so she lives with him, Hailie & Whitney. Her mother Dawn is the twinsister of Kim. Marshalls ex-wife. He adopted her on May 5, 2002. But it wasnt public yet. untill the cd Encore, in the track Mockingbird hes naming her. Alaina is like a big sister for Hailie.

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