What is Alameda?


if you live here you know that it is tight you just gotta know what to do with you time here, go to farm parties and rep west meda boys.. naw im kidding but on the real alameda is a hella little island next to oakland and the beach smells like sewage. you should go there though its tight.

alameda made a t-shirt that says "where the hell is alameda?"...that says something...

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An increasingly yuppie little island town in the Bay Area. What you will find; SF transplants, awesome restaurants, old homes, and tree lined streets. What you won't find; affordable housing,big box stores, or much crime. However, having Oaklandright across the water does cause some spillage of ghettoness.But it does seem like the gap between the two cities is getting wider and wider by the second.

"Duded what did that bumper sticker say?"

"Alameda, Where hipsters go to breed."

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The place that everyone hates. A dinky little bitch hole island in California, which has next to nothing to do, unless you count going to the disgusting beach. Oh, and our flag has an anchor on it. Do you need more proof that this place janky?

1.I just went into the beach water and now I hella have herpes.

2.Add a y to Alameda, and you get.."A lame day."

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The stupidest place ever where people think they are cool because thye immitate people from Oakland and they wish they were them, but they are actually really bored so all they do is smoke and smell bad and hit on girls they'll never have. Of course, most of the girls are easy and practically all of the guys are stoners that think theyre ghetto. I dont know one decent person that lives in Alameda, and I live there...

Kid 1: Aww my god I went to Alameda last night

Kid 2: Naawww bblud, tight shit huh?

Kid 1: Hell yaaaa

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