What is Alamo?


The greatest battle in history, 189 Texan farmers defend a run down church against 5,000 Mexicans; 1,600 of whom are killed or wounded in the battle, although every single one of the defenders were killed it brough time for Sam Houston to form an army and beat the Mexicans at a later date.

Davey Crockett picked off the Mexicans with his Pennsylvania Long Rifle at the Alamo.


The bowl game that refs go to to practice making bad calls. Also known as Lloyd Carrs last stand.

Ref #1: Should we call too many players on the field?

Ref #2: No, that would be a good call, we are at the alamo bowl to practice making bad ones.

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The most boring landmark in San Antonio, the battle of the Alamo was a loss, yet we honor it? We LOST people, it was ordered to be destroyed by Gen. Sam Houston, yet we stood there to fight, it was shameful we thought that just because they are Mexicans that we could beat them 180 to 5000, that's not even david and goliath, that's stupidity, period. And the alamo never bought us time, the alamo was crushed, then the massacre at goliad, then we trapped them at San Jacintoand crushed the surrounded, ambushed Mexiacan army.

When I go to the Alamo I find it hard not to laugh at the pridefull Texans who think, the building is worth a damn.

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A place in Texas where a battle took place. Many people of the united states tend to think this battle showed how great americans are, because there were so few of them and they held off the swarthy mexican horde for so long so that they could keep their freedom. What many don't realize is that this battle was fought because the Texan whites wanted to secede from Mexico so that they could keep their slaves. Mexico had just outlawed slavery but the uppity whites of Texas would have nothing of it. Somehow this is hailed as a glorious part of american history when in reality it should serve as a shameful reminder of our racist and supremacist past and present.

"My great great grandaddy fought in the Alamo. I hang my head in shame."

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A place in Nor Cal, 925, right next to danville or, d-ville if you live there. If you lived here then you went to MV, poor soul. A boring town with nothing to do. That's about all I can think of.

"Are ya smokin yet?!"


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