What is Alana?


the most amazing person in the world, somtimes on back order, every body loves her and wishes to be her friend.

No guy can resist!

Darn my Alana isn't coming till thanksgiving.

Man i wish i was alana.

I love Alana!

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The hottest person I have ever met or become friends with. She is SO attractive and, to put it straight, I want to have her children.

I have had so many fantasies of her it just isn't funny. I NEED ALANA!


The shit of erry day.

You wake up imagining Alana is as special as the sun.

Dawgg i need me some Alana.

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a sexy brown girl who is smart and witty.

look at that chick alana, she's a keeper!

See sexy, exotic, indian, goan, seductive


The secret way of a guy wanting to make anal (Alana spelt backwards minus the extra ‘A’ ) love to a woman or man.

I would really like that girls ALANA.

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pronounced AH LON NAH .

You're Such A Lucky Bitch .

Alana must use those fun-house glasses .

or DRUGS , to get him into her .

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Often serves as the docking station for the cock of a Russell. It is a common sight to see the Alana and Russell mate. When it comes to penetration, there is no better bond than the one between an Alana and a Russell.

The Alana and the Russell kept everyone within a 20 mile radius awake as they had a vigorous fuck fest.

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