Alanis Morissette

What is Alanis Morissette?


Singer/Actor born 1974 in Ottawa, Canada.

Alanis Morissette is a cool Canadian chick.


a great singer from canada who sounds very good pissed off about her bf kicking her ass to the curb (see you oughtta know)

person 1: she just dumped me..

person 2: well your in a band, so just go all alanis morissette on her and write a kick ass song about how much she sucks.

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reached the pinacle of success in her late teens in canada as a cheerful pop singer. Then Uncle Joey from Full House dumped her and she became all femanistic and reached global success in the mid 90's with her songs about angst.

Her pre-breakup songs were very bubblegum pop. Then she came out with songs like "You oughta know" and "Ironic."


A Canadian singer who has a powerful singing voice and has written some pretty amazing songs. Her most well-known hit is 'Ironic' and the album people remember her by is 'Jagged Little Pill'. Shame really. I have 'The Collection' and there are some fantastic songs on that.

It's a shame people only remember Alanis Morissette for 'Ironic'

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The greatest female singer ever!!!

I like the way Alanis morissette plays the harmonica and sings.

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to suddenly change from happy-go-lucky and cheerful to moody and angst ridden. Often as a result of a breakup (such as Alanis Morisettes's with Dave Coulier)

Megan: NO, I don't want to go to the mall! I can't believe that stupid ass cheated on me. I don't think I'm ever going to be the same. I'm going to sit in my room and listen to angst-ridden music.


Not ironic a Canadian.

A: Did you know Alanis Morissette is Canadian?

B: Well, even if not ironically not being ironic or whatever, the fates sure have a curious sense of humor.

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