What is Alanna?


The meaning of this name is derived from the old british language in which the word meant "handsome". It was introduced to England by the bretons after the Norman invasion.

It also can be used to describe an incredibly hot, yet smart girl.

"holy jeezus!, look at Alanna!"


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Alanna's are by far the most unique person you will ever meet. They believe in sporting thier own special style, mixing a bunch of colors, patterns, and jewerly. Alanna's are relatively quiet until you burst their bubble. Then they become crazy maniacs! It may take a while to get to know this person as they aren't comfortable. So start spending time with them. You'll never regret being thier friend because thier loyalty is there until the end. They stick up for thier friends and are there any time any where.

They're very delicate with everything they do; from finishhing projects to eating. Taking much time to complete things.

Alannas pop out at you at any given moment, so be ready!

person 1: "wow, did you see that girl?! gahh, she's so pretty."

person 2: "I know. she's such an Alanna! I wish I was brave enough to be like her..."

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Derived from the Gaelic/Irish word for beautiful (which is √°lainn) *Sorry guys it's NOT British at all*, a name used to describe a beautiful but bright woman.

Also commonly used as a pet namefor a girlfriend/fiancee/wife in Ireland.

"That's my Irish Alanna"

"Holy shit, she's def an Alanna"

" Smartand pretty? Watch out man, that's an Alanna right there."

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-A lovely girl with a beautiful personality that is

understanding and helpful.

That girl is so perfect, she must be an Alanna!

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1) A redheaded beauty with a cracked Lula. According to Randall

2) Something you say to express great anger or frustration, especially when you're on the toilet trying to pop a big one out.

3) A lovely bitch from hell with large meat curtains.

1) That girl Katie is such an alanna, she's so pretty, even though she has a cracked Lula. According to Randall

2) Oh alanna! I just made a large poop!

3)Jessica looks like an alanna today with her flappy lips down south.

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