What is Alapuakai?


a hawaiian name, not necessarily belonging to a hawaiian person. but if they are not hawaiian, they <3. it's also a girls name, fyi. she's caring, a good bestfriend. gives very very good advice and is someone you can turn to for a shoulder to cry on, or if you need to vent to someone, she is the person to go to. she can eat, more than you could ever imagine, but stays frigging skinny! outgoing and kind. she needs an umbrella. alapuakais usually text fast, very fast. very good at telling jokes, but sometimes slow when you tell her a joke :D she dyes her hair to hide the blondeness ;) smart, she can outsmart all y'all (i'm not sure if "outsmart" is a word, i think it is though) outrageously dangerous driver, yet by some miracle, you still live!

EX; alapuakai, a girl.

See girl, name, hawaii, hawaiian, food


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