What is Alarial?


Used to refer to the deity worshiped by the Faith of Alarial. His followers have now spread throughout the universe and He is widely regarded as the most benevolent and kind deity. Followers of the Faith of Alarial are not required to provide any monetary compensation, only be available for nomming and/or sacrificing. Those interested in joining the Faith of Alarial need only ask around, you are sure to find a follower near you.

1. We offer this sacrifice to you, oh great Alarial, that you might not visit your wrath upon our asses this night.

2. "Hey, are you an Alarialian?" "How could I not be!? Alarial is the greatest thing since the creation of light!"

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Alarial used when you want to stab someone in the eye over the internet. Could also be used to describe a homo hobo.

Oh crap, I got a kernel panic! I'd alarial linus torvalds for this.

ex2: New york has an alarial on every friggin corner!

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