Alarm Shock

What is Alarm Shock?


The shock of having to wake up a lot ealier than you normally would due to school after summer vacation.

Mmph, this alarm shock is such a drag! *falls back asleep and misses bus*

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The feeling you get when you wake up on your day off work; on the weekend; or a public holiday as early as you would for work. Generally the alarm clock is off and there is no sound, but you still hear it for some annoying reason.

Of course you don't realise you can stay in bed all morning and for some moment feel like you never got any sleep at all.

Though, upon realisation (and falling back asleep) you feel better then if you woke up to your girlfriend fucking you. (well maybe not if shes good!)

Argh, I had alarm shock this morning and couldn’t' get back to sleep!

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