What is Alasdair?


The act of inserting your penis up one's nose and pissing in it.

'Alasdair-ing is so gross'

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To pull an Alasdair, you must make constant jokes that are consistantly not funny.

'I am Alasdair, I play WoW, I rule'

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The act of perverting over girls at least seven years older than you.

Person 1: 'She's hot'

Person 2: 'She's 8 years older than you!'

Person 1: 'So?'

Person 2: 'You Alasdair'

See alasdair, ego, alastair, not funny


It is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "defender of mankind"

Alasdair saved my life

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An Alasdair is a person who is clever, smart and talented. They tend to adore Pokemon and are easily lured from their homes by the promise of apples and trampolines.

Alasdairs have been known to scowl at trains, as well.

"What is that Alasdair doing to that Pikachu?"

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One who has a reputation for extremely bad kissing.

"Jake that dude pulled an Alasdair on her last night"

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A clumsy person, who farts alot of and tries to fit in but fails miserably

alasdair "well hi guys"

fuk u

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