Alaskan Blindfold

What is Alaskan Blindfold?


When a man ejaculates on someone's eyelids while they are sleeping, and, upon waking, the target person cannot open their eyes for fear of getting jizzum in them.

"dude, you know how i had to room with that mega-tool Jim last night?"

"yeah, what about it?"

"i got him good man, i gave him an alaskan blindfold."

"nice dude, you got him."

"man, last night Suzy didnt wouldn't let me alligator fuckhouse her, and i was so pissed off, once she went to sleep, i gave her an alaskan blindfold."

"nice, sounds like she deserved it, what a bitch."

See strawberry shortcake, dirty sanchez, angry pirate, abraham lincoln, alligator fuckhouse


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