What is Alba?


Scots Gaelic name for Scotland.

Can be found in Latintoo, meaning "white", or "bright".

Alba, mo dhachaigh, chan urrainn dhomh dhut thighinn... guma tu bhios beò 's gu math gu bràgh.

'S cian nam cian bho dh'fhàg mi Leòdhas, An t-Eilean Sgìtheanach, na beinntean mòra, an Gàidhealtachd, h-uile rud...


Scots Gaelic name for Scotland.

Alba du brath!


The native Scottish name for Scotland.

Names of Scotland in Celtic languages :

Alba - Scottish

Albain - Irish

Yr Alban - Welsh

Bro Skos - Breton

See scotland, ecosse


sunrise in spanish


This is a wor to explain an amazing person , someone who is extroardinary in their own way, someone that is not judgemental a beautiful and amazing friend to those she really cares for.

My BestFriendd' Alba<3

See amazin, wonderful, beautiful, adore


Alba is my girlfriend. She has a nice ass

1: "Are you busy tonight?"

2: "I will be kicking ass and taking names and having sex with my girlfriend Alba, really."

1: "..."


See girlfriend, hot, buff, gangrel, sexy


1. To imagine your parterner as Jessica Alba when engaging in sexual activities

2. To put a picture of Jessica Alba on your partners face when engaging in sexual intercourse

"I Alba'd that chick last night"

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