What is Albedo?


Albedo is an artificial construct referred to as a U.R.T.V. He possesses incredible otherworldly powers that allow him to actually regrow severed limbs, up to and including his head. Albedo seems to be working for the U-TIC Organization, but it's more likely that he has his own agenda.

Albedo has descended so far into madness that he can no longer even be described as human. He shares deep familial roots with both Gaignun Kukai (Nigredo) and Jr. (Rubedo). Sick and twisted beyond belief, Albedo is the main antagonist in Monolith Soft's famed Xenosaga series.

"Is it Albedo?" -Ziggurat 8

"No, it's too gentle for him." - Jr.


Name: Albedo Piasora

Age: 26

Born: T.C. 4741

Height: 190cm

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Violet

In his past time he molests Kirschwassers (little girls) and then mutilates them and finally tosses them aside, that's why their corpses align his floor. He also has the audacity to pull his own arm off, following the breaking of his neck and the dismemberment of his head. He’s way cooler than Sephiroth could have ever been.

Albedo: Ah, ma peche...

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