Albequerqe Strangler

What is Albequerqe Strangler?


This most hideous of maneuvers involves an extremely intoxicated woman ready to vomit and a "concerned male friend" in an isolated stall. He sets up the scenario by innocently offering to hold back her hair while she proceeds to vomit. However, unbeknownst to the woman, he is undoing his pants with his other hand. After the bulk of the vomit is expelled, the ensuing dry heaves create the ultimate contractions for deepthroating. The sounds made as a result of heavy penetration mimicking someone who is being strangled. He finishes, cleans her up, and hopefully, she blacks out shortly and forgets everything. The concerned friend leaves that bathroom stall a legend amongst his friends.

Ted: I think Jimmy gave that drunk girl an Albequerqe strangler! She looks like she's been through the mill.

Harry: No wonder he's always so helpful.

Ted: I bet his balls smell like old schmagma.

See strangler


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