What is Albern?


'Albern' is a german word, an adjective.

It means beeing silly, chaotic & weird but in a sweet way …

The word 'albern' is mostly beeing used by music fans in reference to british musician Damon Albarn everytime he decides to wear something funny.

Sometimes you hear german soccer mom's using it when their toddlers pretend their dogs or something…

It's also quite fitting for grown men who wear caps made for new born babies, or rappers wearing shower caps;

Oh, yeah

In english, It's pronounced: 'OL-BURN' actually …;

It's best used as an understatement!

Did you see BADLY DRAWN BOY? He's Looking Albern!

He's wearing a golden diaphragm as bling now???

Dude, that's way albern!

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