Alberta Triangle

What is Alberta Triangle?


The Alberta Triangle is an extremely dangerous, dirty, and crime infested region correlating triangularly via the three points of Albertan cities Edmonton, Lethbridge, and Red Deer.

Sodomy, incest, rampant beastiality amongst livestock, and heavy crack-cociane usage are religiously practiced within the populations of all regarded cities.

Several men have mysteriously dissappeared within this region, including numerous high school foot ball and hockey teams. Trucks transporting livestock (ie, cattle and horses) have too mysteriously vanished.

I caught that man from Lethbridge fucking my dog. Upon closer inspection I noticed not only the man, but his entire family from Edmonton lined up behind him, while they fucked each other.

Avoid the Alberta Triangle, or you may risk death by sodomy.

That women's upper left lip touches the bottom right of her nose! She must be from Red Deer.

My cousin moved to Edmonton, now he is a crack head.

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