What is Albertan?


A Texan who can read.

Another Albertan braging that he lives in the best place in the world? Boy, that never gets old!

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-A Canadian living in or from the province Alberta.

-Albertans are generally really friendly people, who will always smile, wave or say a friendly greeting when passing you on the sidewalk.

-Many Albertans are rednecks, but you'll find that they are proud.

-Many of the population of Albertans drive 4x4s.

-Some people see Albertans as ignorant or racist, but that's just because Alberta isn't as racially diverse as other provinces, such as Ontario.

-Only an Albertan can understand another Albertan. All Albertans have a special bond.

-To them, it's not a 4 wheeler, it's a Quad, only Quad. Though ATV may be acceptable.

-Generally, they don't speak in a very posh manner. Instead of pronouncing their ING words properly, they say "in".

-To sum it up, Albertans are some of the nicest, trustworthy and down to earth people you'll ever know.

-A women zoomed past me on the motorway in her 4x4, giving me a jovial wave and smile as she did so. She must be an Albertan.

- Katie: Tommy is SO cool!

Jim: Why?

Katie: Because he's an Albertan!

Tommy: Hell yeah.

- Albertan: So I took muh quad for a spin the other day..

Person from Ontario: A what?

Albertan: A QUAD!!

Person from Ontario: OH, you mean a four wheeler?


- Albertan: I was cuttin' muh grass the other day, and I almost cut off muh frickin' toe!

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