What is Alberto?


A Flying Hamster.

dude 1: look! up in the sky, it's a bird.

dude 2: no! it's a plane.

dude 3: nah man, that's just alberto.

dude 1: what's an alberto?

dude 3: alberto is a flying hamster.

dude 2: you mean a hamster with wings?

dude 3: yes.

dude 1: but i didnt know hamsters can fly.

dude 3: that is because you are retarded.

dude 2: are there more of these "alberto"?

dude 3: nope, this is the only one left.

alberto: (flying in circles) squeak, squeak

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1 crazy and hyper person i have ever met.

my cousin, alberto, mexican/asain is so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 hyper because of too much sugar!

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a certain individual, particulary of Mexican descent, who enjoys "borrowing" military/ government issued gear and selling it for his own profit. The certain items an Alberto prefers, cost anywhere from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Generally an Alberto wont risk "borrowing" an item if the paper stacks ain't right(alot of money). An Alberto doesnt necessarily have to be in the military. He/she could acquire the item from a contact.

Jose: "Pablo, hey have you seen those brand new radios. Our Lieutenant is gonna go crazy when he hears about them!"

Pablo: "Yea S.A. those radios are tight homes. I am seriously thinking about Alberto'n em'. You think anybody will notice?

Jose: "Pablo! Are you kidding me homes?"

Pablo: "What homes? C'mon you know I'm Mexican. Its in my blood!"

Jose: True! I know I'm Mexican too. I dont mind of you pull a Alberto, just give me half. OK S.A.?

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An alberto is a poo-ho, a very undesirable woman. This word references Alberto Pojols (pronounced Alberto Poohos)


Poo- fecal waste

Ho- a prostitute

Usage: often used by a friend to stealthily alert one that he is flirting with a poo-ho

A man is talking to a very unattractive woman at a party, and his friend walks up to him, saying, "Alberto is on the phone for you. Let it ring."

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a common piece of shit :)

i like grindcore .....but im a gino bambino :)...alberto

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