Albino Pwnfish

What is Albino Pwnfish?


Originally a black mexican person living in Peru played a match of strip poker and basketball and xbox 360 and crapped on the toliet and drank a beer and farted at 70 mph in a chicks face and got a boob squeeze and ate 32 1/2 pizzas - he pwned so hard that he turned into an Albino Fish. Still being able to pwn this hard as a fish. A scientist named Phillip Albers gave him the name of an Albino PwnFish.

An Albino PwnFish lives in the coasts of South America, the Carribean, the Coasts of America including Alantic and Pacific and is the only creature to survive in the Dead Sea.

He Pwns so hard he lives in all these places at once.

"Holy Crap. Look its the legendary Albino PwnFish"

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