What is Albinogger?


1.A more offensive word for a white person who thinks they are black. Like wigger, this word combines nigger and a word meaning white. exapmles are Eminem, Vanilla Ice, and K. Fag.

2. Also used to make fun of scene kids, because they use words like NIG and CUNT and XxTHUHZxX, they also think they are black and have myspaces that talk about stealing, Smoking pot, dealing weed and getting in fights which all are Nigger Crimes. They also have screen names like xXxNiggax4lifexXx, when they are perfectly white.

prounced: (Al-Bye-NO-Ger)or (Al-Bye-Ni-Ger)

Somebody tell that albinogger he's white.

Why does that albinogger, have such faggy looking hair.

Whats up with that albinogger's pants.

Typical AIM Conversation:

Timman345: "Dude your an albinogger"

xXxHoodTHUGxXx: "NAH sun, FUK dat_Yo know IM TIGHTT &&Im NOT ALBINOGGER, g2g 2 a hardxcore showw, and cutt my wristt, &&fixx on my MySpace."

Timman345: "okay, buddy see you later"

xXxHoodTHUGxXx : You are so not Sex, K!!1, See ya, non-scene conformist, FUK DAT, KK LUVVVV'N'Peace <3333, WERD"

Timman345: "what the hell are you talking about"

See nigger, wigger, scene kids, wannabee, scene, non-conformist, punk


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