What is Alcohole?


A person who becomes an asshole upon drinking any alcoholic substance.

Pronounced Ahl cuh hole

Jenny: I'm going to a party with John

Susan: Sounds fun! Will there be beer?

Jenny: Duh!

Susan: Well don't let John have any, he's a real alcohole.

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An underage person who never repays his legal friends for the alcohol they buy him.

Man, Napoleon is such an alcohole! His drunk ass took all my good shit last night. Now I ain't never getting him anything but Keystone.

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Someone who is a real jerk when they get drunk.

Jeff: Hey John, you wanna come out to the bar tonight with me and Eddie?

John: No thanks Jeff. To tell you the truth, I think Eddie's a total alcohole. I just don't have the energy to put up with him right now.

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