What is Alcoholic?


When one drink is too many, and a thousand aren't enough.

If an alcoholic just doesn't have that first next one, they are on the right track. That first one is the killer.


1) a person who has been drinking for years, drinks morning noon and night, feels like they need alcohol, depends on it, and it often gets in the way of their social life

2) a label given by a non or less drinker to someone they think drinks too much but is really just someone who knows how to have a good time; drinks but doesnt depend on it or 'need' it

1) my dad is an alcoholic, hes been drinking for 15 years and hes getting really abusive.

2) you drank all my beer you alcoholic!

See gail


Someone who goes to meetings

I'm not an alcoholic; alcoholics go to meetings.

See Brett


Someone you don't like who drinks more than you do.

See lameo


A true Alcoholic would rather drink, then get a Blowjob.

Bills wife was getting ready to go down on him, but Bill said no, I'll take a double jack n coke instead.


n. a college student

I just saw a group of alcoholics on their way to a kick-ass party. One of them is in my math class.

See drunk, sorostitute, boozer, party


One who drinks the sweet drink of the gods to the point of reliance upon it.

"I swear to drunk I'm not god!"

ex.-Alexander Hines-the dorito king


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