Alcoholics Anonymous

What is Alcoholics Anonymous?


A fellowship of... see definition for aa

A world-wide program of attraction, rather than promotion which suggests as 12-step program of recovery. There are no "rules", in the proper sense, and the only requirement to become an AA is the desire to stop drinking.

In recent years, the school of thought which believes that drug abuse has a place in AA has bolstered significantly, and many people with cross-addiction get sober through AA.

It's simple, but not easy. You can't be too stupid for it, but you can be too smart.

It's not for the jelly beans

Members of Alcoholics Anonymous are reminded to always place principles before personalities. Members may be the most of the Big Book that outsiders ever see.

If you wish to drink, that's your own affair. If you want to stop drinking, Alcoholics Anonymous can help.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a good place to go if you want to stop drinking. If you are an alcoholic, its a good idea not to drink.

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A self-help program for alcoholics involving group confession; substitutes an addiction to the organization and its rituals for an addiction to alcohol. Also AA.

Ever since he got convicted of drunk driving he's beein going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings twice a day, and become insufferable.

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