What is Alcoholiday?


A protracted happy party in which large quantities of alcohol are consumed. It can also be used while at a bar. Basically, if you're piss-drunk, you've had an alcoholiday.

I'm taking an alcoholiday, or I need an alcoholiday.


An occasion like Hallowe'en, April Fool's, or Father's/Mother's Day. Though not categorized as an official holiday, is often used as a good occasion to get a good drunk on with friends.

" Shit dude! It's Hallowe'en, my favorite alcoholiday! Let's get done up as Zombies and get druuuuunk!!!"

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An work day devoted to absenteeism and the drinking of alcohol. Typically a Monday.

Yeah, I called in "sick" Monday and took an alcoholiday.

See alcohol, booze, absenteeism, freedom, happiness


Taking a break from drinking alcohol.

My doctor told me to take a short alcoholiday. He reckoned I was overdoing things.

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