What is Alcowhore?


A female who will do anything for a bottle of Smirnoff. The alcowhore is usually found lurking around college campuses (which is ironic because she is usually illiterate and borderline retarded). The typical alcowhore attire consists of halter top and jeans/mini skirt that are 2 sizes too small and result in a muffin topor hungry jack. The alchowhore can be attractive or hideous, their looks are irrelevant to their greedy, sllor-worthy behavior. The alcowhore is a cheapskate mooch and uses her feminine wiles to dupe equally retarded males into giving them free drinks. Does this sound like you or someone you know? Since 62.3% of all college girls are alcowhore take this simple test to find out.

You Know You're an Alcowhore If:

1. Someone owes you 50 bucks. Instead they give you 6-pack of Smirnoff Ice. You think this is fair payment

2. You have sucked a dick for a shot..e on don't lie

3. You have made out with other girls to get drinks. Contrary to popular belief, this is not hot, or cool. This is alchowhorism at it's finest.

4. You have a collection of empty liquor bottles in your bookcase, but can't find your textbooks.

5. You wake up very confused in a futon with 2 hairy men wrapped around nd spot a half-empty bottle of Cap Mo's on the floor. The fact that you were quite possibly raped doesnt bother got free Cap Mo's!!


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