What is Ale?


a type of beer, which is an alcoholic beverage made from grain. in the case of ale malted barley and sometimes malted wheat are the key ingredients. ale is the world's oldest form of beer dating back before the advent of agriculture. ale and alcoholic beverages are likely the reason humanity settled down to cultivate grain and left the more efficient and enjoyable hunter gatherer lifestyle. before there was lager, which is a fairly recent type of beer, there was ale. ales use top fermenting strains of yeast and are brewed and often served at warmer temperatures than lager. ales generally have a more robust taste, are more complex and are best consumed cool (50F or a bit warmer) rather than cold.

common styles of ale include pale ale, brown ale, dubbel, witbeir, bitter, hefeweizen, stout, barley wine, lambic and porter. there has been a fairly recent resurgence of ales brewed in the US and around the world which rose out of the microbrewery / craft brewing revolution that began in the early 1980s

to hell with this light lager crap! i need an ale!


Short for "Alejandra".

Pronounced "Ali"

Yo!Ale needs the cash up front.

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Alcoholic beverage, served in pint (or half pint glasses for wooses and southern pansies) and at varying temperatures from icy cold to above room temperature depending on the type, quality and locale.

Areet mate, I'm off to the booza fer some ale.

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Ref below, not sure what hunter gathering has to do with this but otherwise fairy accurate, though forgetting the main uk types of bitter,best bitter and the now saddly not so common though slowly reappearing, thankfuly, mild, the newer versions of which are often called dark to avoid conotations with flat caps.Try one you will be surprised!Good lagers are availabe also but they do not come from the major international keg factorys!

Pint of real ale please landlord.

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Automatic Link Establishment (station)

In high-frequency (HF) radio, the capability of a station to make contact, or initiate a circuit, between itself and another specified radiostation, without human intervention and usually under emergency conditions. ALE stations are generally computer-controlled.

The Air Force has ALE frequencies in the 11 and 19 MHzbands.


a response when someone else tells you something really cool

Guy 1: hey i just one $100, lets go get some beer

Guy 2: Ale

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one sexy ass little bitch, he eats monopoly and shits out connect four, known to hit it under any condition and stick his nuts in there too cuz theyre his friends

Man, I'm in need of some hott ass, I wish I had a guy like Ale here!

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