Alec Baldwin

What is Alec Baldwin?


1. verb: to immaturely, wrongly lose one's mind and verbally abuse someone as a result, usually while putting on a face of angelic harmony to the world

2. verb: to pick on a defenseless child (something an old man bitch does)

3. noun: An overrated assbag actor with giant man tits who hates everyone, everything, and would kill your mom for kicks if he thought he could pull it off. He went nuts on his eleven year old daughter, and the source of the slang verb "alec baldwin". Britney Spears dad is known to go "Alec Baldwin".

Dude, Mrs. Thatcher got fired after she went Alec Baldwin on Ted's ass.

Of course I ran away from home. My dad is Alec Baldwin.

I'm an overrated dickhead douchebag, and my name is Alec Baldwin.

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A great Parent and role model for eveyone.

Alec Baldwins Daughter is an ungreatful little pig

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An actor known currently for his role on 30 Rock and his razor sharp verbal abusetechnique after a contraversial voicemail he left his daughter leaked. Also, one of the fabled mystical "Baldwin Brothers," whoever they are. It is rumored whoever collects them all will trigger armageddon.

Alec Baldwin is talented, handsome and charming but still I live in fear.

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the coolest man alive; the sweetest dude living; total badass;

-Who is the coolest man alive again?

-Oh, you mean Alec Baldwin?

-yeah, that's right, I can't believe I forgot that.

-Neither can I. Everyone knows that, you assbag.

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