What is Aleck?


The ugliest teen you have ever seen in your life. He is a boy and brags about his looks, when he is disgusting. He likes being sarcastic and it can be very hurtful. He has a very deep voice and he is secretly gay. He only wants to get into girls and guys' pants. He has blonde hair, and has this really weird cough. Basically never talk to an aleck in your life, ALECK WHITE is nasty.

aleck, disgusting, gay, weird, ugly, skinny male dog

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Aleck is a person who is ussaly a pot-head whore. She likes to trick 12 year olds to buy her weed. She works as a carpet cleaner cleaning other womens carpets, Only women. And might hang out with fags named KevKev. Aleck ussaly fondles with toddlers. She is a straigh up Lesbo. Aleck is inturn realated to rosie O-donald and ellen.

Oh my dude, aleck just tried to hit on me

You better not touch her she might give you polskawhore-idus

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