What is Alektorophobia?


Alektorophobia is the fear of chickens. I am suffering from alektorophobia. It is strange and really rare. Alektorophobia is a strong fear. I myself even dont like thinking about them

Alektorophobia - cartoon chickens,moving mobile chickens,thinking/talking about chickens,pictures of chickens,dead chickens..any thing to do with chickens, screeming seeing things like 'cow and chicken', 'chicken run' and 'chicken little' or adverts for it as chicken little has been advertised alot

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Alektorophobia: The fear of chickens.

This is not a very common fear but there are those(myself included) who are terrified of this feathered fowl. When you suffer from alektorophobia, you suffer from one of the different levels.

(lowest to highest)

1. Terrified at the sight of a chicken.

2. Terrified at the sight of any chicken, real or not.

3. Terrified when you hear the sound of a chicken even when there isn't one.

4. Become scared when people even say the word chicken.

5. So scared you can't even eat chicken because it reminds you of your fear.

Boy with level one alektorophobia is walking along with his girlfriend when he sees a chicken. The boy begins to scream in a very high manner and jumps into the arms of his girlfriend. (they do not date again after this.)

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