What is Alesha?


A preppy blonde who is evil at the same time. Probably the most amazing person ever. Any time spent with her is filled with fun.

Girl 1: Dude I'm really bored.

Girl 2: Lets go party like an alesha!

Girl 1: wuwho!

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An Alesha is usually quiet, but when she gets to know you, she’s the most freakin’ awesome girl you’ll ever meet. Often, Alesha’s don't have much booty or boobs but are still way, super, hot anyways. Apparently, her skinny waist and cute face makes up for it. Alesha's are bubbly, blonde skank bags and are known for their sexual prowess. An Alesha may look innocent but in reality she is a freak in the sheets. (May be confused with a porn star.)

Friend #1: "Whoa! Is that a sexy, coked out, whorish, dirty, porn star?!"

Friend #2: "No, that's just an Alesha.... I wanna be an Alesha."

Friend #1: "Me too."

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