What is Alessandra?



The most beautiful thing that God put on this earth!


Breath taking


That sun set is alessandra!

See chandra, bella, alley, Mitko


1. an amazing, hot girl who loves to make people laugh

2. someone who likes to tflad

3. sex on legs ( SOL)

4. nickname is aless

1. joe: i made out with an alessandra and was blown away. she was amazing.

2. billy: what's your gf like?

joe: she's an alessandra.

billy: lucky guy!

See aless, tflad, amazing, laugh, cool, awesome


the coolest type of fish ever. only ever found in the waters of moracco. is very active and loves to fine mates is deeply in love with the water reeds. is very colorful ad very beautiful

"omg, did u see that alessandra swimming in the water"

"yeah i did it was so cool"

See fishie, fish, pretty, colorful, beautiful


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