What is Aleta?


a word to describe the coolest thing in the world. Also, this could be a girl with the coolest name ever! She is most likely to love frogs, and is destined to be something great! Like the top surgeon in all of the world! Yes, she will probably most likely be a doctor. Don't be jealous if they get a better job than you. it's because they are better! And, don't call someone like this conceited, because that song's played out. She's probably just prettier than you. She's pretty random. You might find that annoying. Get over it.

That's sooo cool. I wish I had an Aleta like that!

See awesome, very cool, successful, determined


n. A pretty random girl. Pretty awesome. Pretty hot. Pretty face. Used to look like Dora. Maybe a little skanky. Somewhat depressed, but knows how to have a good time. Likes guys, and lots of them. Likes weed a little and is too smart for her own good. However she doesn't know what she wants to do ever and feels like time moves too fast. Doesn't care much about what other people think of her and can be a very deep thinker. She's nice when she wants to be and is a bitch when needed. Lots of guys love her and lots of girls hate her. Also known as Eta, Dora, Bacon, Horndogg

Boy 1: so who do you like mann?

Boy 2: oh that one girl, Aleta. She's got big tits.

See eta, horndog, bacon, dora, hot, girl, girls, boobs


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